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JOVIC BAKERY Free Delivery of Fresh Bread & Keto Meals

In Support of our customers & neighbourhood that have supported us since we opened shop, we would be offering free, contactless delivery of freshly baked bread & Keto/Diabetic Support Meals (Low carb & Sugar free). Twice every week.

Delivery Days

  • TUESDAYS (Start 24th March, 2020)


BREAD: 5 choices available @ $4 each

  1. White Bread

  2. Whole wheat Bread

  3. Multigrain Bread

  4. Rye Bread

  5. Sourdough Bread.

MEALS: 4 choices available @ $24.99 each

  1. Beef/Chicken/Pork Casseroles

  2. Keto Lasagna

  3. Quiche Lorraine

  4. Cauliflower Bake

All meals are fully cooked, ready and convenient for the entire family happy hour.

Delivery Area/neighbourhoods

  • Breckenridge

  • Potter Greens

  • Rosenthal

  • Secord

  • Stewart Greens

  • Suder Greens

  • Webber Greens

  • The Hamptons

  • Granville

  • Glastonbury

Pre-order required, Latest by 10:00am Monday.

Email or phone order welcomed but email preferred since we are working reduced hours.

Call: 587-414-0635/780-918-0266


Payment: Email money transfer payment for safety and convenience! Contactless.

You can always add other items you may need from our Website for your delivery.

Both Bread & Meals will also be available everyday @ the Bakery, 870 Webber Greens Drive NW, Edm. T5T 4K5 1:00pm – 7:00pm for Pick-ups.

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