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Keto Ding Dong Chocolate Cake Delight

Introducing our new Keto Ding Dong Chocolate Cake delight, In our continuing series of Keto without cravings. Here are the ingredients and nutritional information. Call or visit us today for yours. Keto Ding Dong cake

Ingredients Cake • Unsweetened Cocoa powder • Erythritol • Egg • Coconut oil & Flour • Vanilla extract • Butter Cream Filling • gelatin • Heavy whipping cream • Erythritol • Vanilla extract

Chocolate Glaze • Heavy whipping cream • Erythritol • Unsweetened chocolate • Vanilla extract Nutrition Facts

Calories 310 Total Fat 30g Total Carbs 10g Dietary Fiber 5g Protein 7g Net Carbs: 5g