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Holidays bake packages & deliveries

Hello, Our valued customers. We have finalized plans to ensure smooth and onetime delivery of your holidays bake packages.

Healthy Diabetic Friendly food & packages, Care Packages, Keto packages are all available.

We have several packages to make this festive period memorable and stress free even if you may not have all friends and family together due to COVID-19 restrictions and care


We deliver to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St Albert, Fort Saskatchewan @ a flat rate of $15.

We would always try to accommodate your preferred delivery time whenever possible but no guarantee.

We would leave your package @ your front door if no one answers to the doorbell.

Once delivered or dropped off at your front door, we are no longer responsible for your package.

Please provide condo code/busser needed for access.

We also ship coast to coast to coast at cost.

Happy Holiday!


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